Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series (Aluula) Kite Gen 8


Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series (Aluula) Kite Gen 8

Original price was: $2,999.00.Current price is: $1,899.00.

Super responsive and extremely light.

UPDATED FOR 2023 Flite: The wingtips have been rounded out a little more from the previous version which offers a smoother power delivery. The bridles have also been refined to enhance overall performance of the kite. The strut hoses ands valves have been streamlined for a much improved one-pump system!  The new yellow/blue color scheme has also been added to the lineup. 

The ALUULA-powered A-Series Flite is a 3-strut kite that is highly responsive yet lighter than current no-strut kites, providing optimum light wind performance, while retaining precision and control in increased wind speeds.

The extreme light weight, combined with the stiff yet reactive ALUULA airframe technology, means larger kites become supercharged, allowing performance levels to increase exponentially.

To further build on the enhancements provided by ALUULA, we have fine-tuned all our light wind manufacturing techniques and components, with the Flite Ultra Lite canopy using proven D2 double ripstop from Teijin.

Incredibly responsive, the A-Series Flite excels in all riding styles and with whichever board you are riding.

The days of compromise are over. The A-Series Flite is the world’s lightest, strongest, and highest performing light wind kite!


ALUULA airframe


It’s no secret that removing struts from kites means a compromise in performance – the reduction in weight improves light wind capabilities but the downside is reduced stability and poor top-end performance. With a full ALUULA airframe, there is no longer a need to compromise…

The reduction in weight and increase in strength of this airframe means you can retain all three struts and still enjoy the light wind benefits you’d get from a no-strut or one-strut kite, as well as the expansive usable wind range that comes with having a three-strut kite. The evenly balanced weight distribution of the three struts and the light leading edge deliver remarkable resistance to back stall and luffing if you overshoot the kite or find yourself in a lull.

Precision curved to match the airfoil profile, the ALUULA airframe is highly tuned to take full advantage of the unique properties of this cutting-edge composite material which is sewn using super-tough Quad Lock stitching, designed specifically for ALUULA.

Simply put: the ALUULA three-strut airframe delivers the best handling in ALL conditions.

At the pinnacle of the technological advancements and opportunities that the ALUULA composite material has provided sits our A-Series kite range, which benefit from the ultra-light, stiff and strong ALUULA airframe, and have been acclaimed as some of the best performing kites ever by riders, media, and industry experts the world over. When we first revealed our work with ALUULA Composites to the public, there was much debate as to whether the hype would really match up to the material’s potential, and to the performance levels that were promised. But we’ve since seen more and more kiters from every corner of the planet experience the myriad benefits that come with an A-Series kite and the results have far exceeded that initial hype. This season our A-Series kite range increases with the arrival of our Big Air rocket ship, the Rise. This, along with our 2nd generation A-Series Roam and Flite kites, enjoys all the enhancements and innovations that have been realized since we first  introduced our partnership with ALUULA Composites, working at the cutting edge of kiteboarding technology to revolutionize the world of kitesurfing…

That work continues…
Testimonials on the A-Series kites
“I’ve been flying kites since 1999 and testing with SBC Kiteboard Magazine and with Kitesurfing Magazine for the last 20 years, and this is definitely the highest performance kite I have ever flown.”
– John Bryja, Kitesurfing Magazine
“It’s the only kite I want to ride now.”
– Ollie Jacobs, Freedom Magazine

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