2016 Nobile 2HD Kiteboard Complete

2016 Nobile 2HD Kiteboard Complete

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The Extreme Freeride Tool-less Board

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Killer Board! These boards are made tough and ride amazing. The whole board can be assembled and disassembled without any tools! They come complete with pads/straps, fins and  handle.


Style: freeride, freestyle

* full control at high speed
* strong edge grip
* amazing pop

FLEX (1-10): 9
ROCKER LINE: Double Hydrodynamic

The 2HD (Double Hydrodynamic ) is the fastest board in the collection. It’s a freeride model designed for speed and hard edging on flat water, giving extremely fun riding. The 2HD ensures control, stability and good response thanks to the unique double profile bottom. The PreStress technology results in top-of-class carving abilities, a smooth ride and great upwind grip. The 2HD is all about speed but still perfect for big airs.

* Super-fast and efficient freeride board for flat water
* Superior upwind abilities
* Stiff but comfortable flex pattern for balanced power
* Pop grower tech for massive jumps
* It’s all about speed


Location: The Channel Tunnel, The English Channel (France, England). Design: The channel connecting the British and French coast. On this board you can feel like Bruno Sroka who crossed the Channel on kiteboard in 2012.


  • APS Technology added Pre-stress
  • Elliptical Progressive Concave
  • CAV - Complete Anti-Vibration Technology
  • Pop Grower
  • Honeycomb
  • Woodcore
  • Triax
  • Glossy Lacquer