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About Foil Outlet

Foiling is what we do!!

Starting as a kiteboarding shop, we were in the hydrofoil game early on. The foil offers extreme advantages when it comes to lightwind kiteboarding. The learning process was quite grueling as we only really had super sharp wings on extremely long masts. As the progression and evolution of the hydrofoil has gone on, we have watched and experimented with pretty much all design types.

We started pulling each other with foils on jetskis and boats around the same time that we started kiting them. At this point, it did not even come to mind that we would soon be able to easily ride the smallest of wakes without using any ropes at all.

After a little while, the surfers deep inside us realized that we may be able use these wings on waves. And not just by towing in with a jetski or kite. Paddling out on some kite foils and larger kite foilboards, we saw that the potential is there for sure! We just needed bigger wings.

Once everyone started to realize that surf and SUP foiling was very possible, the evolution of the hydrofoil exploded. This opened up a huge new market to more than just the kiteboarder looking to get out in the light wind days.

Today with the wide variety of wings, masts, and boards…there is almost always a good condition to go foiling. So get out there and glide!


About us

What About Us

We live and love hydrofoils!

Kite Foiling

We started Kite-Foiling from the beginning. Anything we can do to get rid of those big kites and big barn door kiteboards. Staying upwind in light conditions is no longer an issue!

Foil Surfing

Those small mushy waves are now a playground for our Florida conditions. We have embraced this and surf foiling is now one of our favorite past times.

Closeout Products

We pride ourself in finding closeout foil deals and discounted setups. We want foiling to be available to all watermen.

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