Takuma Kujira Full Foil Set 1095/178 Carbon 85cm Mast Set

Takuma Kujira Full Foil Set 1095/178 Carbon 85cm Mast Set

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What’s included?

Takuma 1 Carbon 85cm Mast Set (with fuselage), Kujira 1 1095/178 wing pack (front wing and tail wing)


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Kujira 1 1095/178

The original Kujira foil featuring the leading edge bumps inspired by the humpback whale. Delivering a new perception of foiling, the Kujira set new standards and became the reference in terms of glide performance.

Inspired by Humpback whales

  • Unmatched agility and acceleration
  • Exceptionally maneuverable
  • Smooth and stable on take off
  • Extraordinarily reactive effortless low and high speed control
  • Carbon wings for maximum stiffness, strength and durability

Endless Gliding

  • Exceptional glide with fast top end speed.
  • High aspect performance and rail to rail riding.
  • Easy pumping and smooth carving.
  • Maintains height even at low speed.
  • Performs brilliantly on the surface.
  • Progressive, stable lift.


KUJIRA 1095 Front wing

Surface: 1095 cm2

Wingspan: 95,6cm

Chord: 15.1cm

Aspect Ratio: 8.3

Back Wing: 178 cm2

Carbon 1 85cm Mast Set

Stiffer, stronger, lighter.

The integrated carbon mast and top plate will radically improve your performance and the pure feeling you get from riding.

An all-in-one innovative solution

Included: carbon mast, aluminum fuselage, mast transport cover, Torx srew set, 2x M8 30mm (mast to fuselage), 4x M8 25mm & M8 T-nuts (mast to board), M6 15mm & 2x M6 18mm (fuselage to FW), 2x M6 15mm (fuselage to BW).

These masts have a profile redesigned to deliver perfect efficiency and maximizes comfort in flight. The refined profile guarantees high rigidity, eliminating flex and drag, working harmoniously with the full range of wing sizes. The thinner, stiffer profile decreases frontal resistance and reduces torsion to deliver the smoothest of glides. This in turn increases speed, wing stability and control.

Variable chord

The shape of Takuma’s mast has been optimized for overall flexural strength and torsional stiffness. The “variable chord” is wider closer to the top plate which gives maximum strength and stability. The chord gradually reduces in width and is much narrower at the joining with the fuselage, allowing for better glide, less drag, and more maneuverability. This combination also enables the foil to achieve much greater speed.

  • Torsional stiffness
  • Maneuverability
  • Greater speed

Conic locked-in

Secure airtight fuselage connection. Maintaining a fully impenetrable connection with the foil, the new mast foot design improves lateral stiffness, securing a “one welded piece“ feeling between fuselage and mast.

Aluminum fuselage

Tough, strong, and streamlined. The intelligent locked-in system avoids any movement between the front wing and fuselage. Helicoil screw inserts make for a completely secure back wing attachment. The overall hydrodynamic contour of the fuselage increases glide.

Transport Cover

High-quality protection for your Carbon mast with an innovative magnetic closure and elastic support for securing the fuselage.