2020 Naish High Aspect Jet 1800 Front Wing- Demo

2020 Naish High Aspect Jet 1800 Front Wing- Demo


These high aspect (HA) wings are designed for advanced and semi-advanced foilers looking to push their performance levels in surf, SUP, Wing-Surfer and downwind foiling.

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Demo Wing- Used a couple times. In great shape. Perfect way to save money and upgrade your setup. There may be some minor scratches or scuffs on the wing. 

These wings feature high aspect ratio planforms and proprietary thin section profiles—the result is maximum glide, excellent pumping, and improved top speed while still maintaining the excellent turning and control that defines the Jet range.



Naish Kites offer the Sigma Series! Naish have been at the forefront of the kiteboarding industry since the very beginning. A few years ago the bow kite took the kiting world by storm and Naish have developed this concept even further. Naish Introduced the Sigma Series!
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