Slingshot 15" Mast (Strut)


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Slingshot Aluminum 15" Foil Mast

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This is great for learning and getting the first feeling of foiling. It allows one to get the feel for coming up without coming out of the water too high. This allows for breaches without crashing.

15" aluminum mast for Slingshot's Hover Glide foil and Foiling Flight School program. Mast can be purchased individually or as a discounted package. The 15" mast is the "Taxi" stage of Foiling Flight School and is an invaluable tool for entry-level and first-time foilers who need to develop basic skills and coordination before moving on to a longer mast. With the 15" mast, you'll learn all the initial steps of foiling significantly faster, easier and safer than with a full size mast.
Mast is easily mounted to the Hover Glide's stock pedestal and foil assembly for quick on-the-fly change-out.