Woo 2.0- Jump Height Tracker

Woo 2.0- Jump Height Tracker

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Completely waterproof and the size of a USB stick, WOO tracks anything a kiter can dole out: height, airtime, and more.

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What we think: This is a super cool product and can help push your riding to the next level by tracking your jump heights rotations and hangtime. We find it really fun to go up against your friends and see who can jump the heighest. Grab a couple extra mounts for your multiple boards.

WOO is the simplest way to record your session and play while you kite. The WOO captures your highest boost in Big Air mode or scores your best tricks in Freestyle mode. Progress your riding and Get in the Game! New for 2.0: Big Air & Freestyle! The WOO can now detect and score freestyle tricks from the always-evolving WOO Tricktionary.


Basic package comes with the Woo, one mount and a USB charger.

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Big Air Mode

Every jump from your session will be recorded, including jump height, airtime, and landing g-force. Plus your timeonwaterandtotal # of jumps!

Track Your Progression

Every jump from every session is recorded to help you track your riding over time. As you learn to ride with more power, you’ll see your stats improve and your position on the leaderboards rise!

Challenge Friends

Kiters around the world are using WOO to stay in touch with their kiting friends and keep the competitive vibes flowing every day of the week. Follow friends and track all their session to see how they’re keeping up!

Freestyle Mode

Get a high score on a specific trick variation, and try to complete the (beta) WOOtricktionary. WOO will detect left-foot vs. right-foot forward, and transitions tricks!


Check the leaderboards to see where you stand: King of your local spot?Nationalleaderon a specific trick? Or best rider in your groups of friends? Where will you claim the top-spot!?

Use Hashtags (#)

What gear were you riding? What were the wind conditions? What’s the name of your team? Simply add a hashtag to your session description to create a custom leaderboard!

The WOO App unlocks the power of your WOO. Download sessions, follow friends, and learn more about the riders and spots around you!

WOO 2.0 – Trick Detection Technology

WOO 2.0 now supports both kiting and wakeboarding with the same upgraded WOO 2.0 sensor connecting wirelessly with your Smart Phone where you can review all the details of your tricks.

IOS woo

The new Freestyle mode in WOO Kite is a complete new way to get all kiteboarders excited about freestyle again and get them to stomp their best trick and progress to the next level. Get to the next level by completing your next trick and keep on pushing.

And for all wakeboarders, WOO Sports introduces WOO Wake. An interactive game for wakeboaders all around the world.

Download your session to the FREE APP for iPhone and Android and see how you stack up against not just the locals, but kiters all over the world.

Pros, amateurs, rookies and veterans – all posting their results, kiting together, and boosting higher worldwide.

The WOO 2.0 package includes

  • NEW WOO 2.0 Sensor
  • Mount
  • Alcohol swab
  • USB charging adapter
  • Quick start guide
  • WOO 2.0 comes with a new eco-friendly packaging. It’s 100% recyclable!