Slingshot SlingWing V2 Hand-held Inflatable Wing Surfer

Slingshot SlingWing V2 Hand-held Inflatable Wing Surfer

Package includes: Wing, SlingWing back pack, Safety leash, QSG,
Bladder patch kit, Free sign up at

***pump not included***

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Sizes: 3.2m | 4.0m | 4.4m | 5.4m | 6.4m


Anyone who wants the thrill of being powered by the wind over water, land or
snow. Anyone with decent board skills, but little to no sailing or kiting experience
will get the hang of it right out of the gate. Its unique appeal comes from how
simple it is to use and the freedom you feel using it. Just stand on your board,
hold the wing at the proper angle and off you go. To ease power, just sheet out or
let go with your back hand and the wing drifts with you like a paper airplane.


+ The Slingwing V2 is light weight and comes in at half the weight of
original wings.
+ It offers easy one handed wrist control while luffing or surfing with no
oscillation or nose diving.
+ Low end power is perfect for getting up on all size boards and
deep water starts.
+ Soft handles offer total control and amazing comfort for hours of shredding.
+ The cambered dihedral design lets you harmonize the wind, body and foil
into speed and control.
+ Cross over use for paddle board, skis/snowboard, skateboard or
land board at the beach.

Package includes: Wing, SlingWing back pack, Safety leash, QSG,
Bladder patch kit, Free sign up at

***pump not included***

Wingsurfing has exploded as a discipline over the last year and Slingshot has
been taking notes. The all new Slingwing V2 has been engineered to check all
the boxes. The first design factor in a performance wing is ultra-light weight
construction, and the Slingwing V2 comes in at half the weight of the original. A
light-weight build provides for effortless wrist control and oscillation cancellation
while luffing the wing and leaving the power behind you. Beginners will benefit
from reduced arm fatigue in light air conditions, while advanced riders will find it
dramatically easier to get the wing flying for deep water starts on tiny boards.

The Benefits of Forward Pull
Next up is the desire for more forward pull through your front hand and out
through the nose of your board. The Cambered Dihedral shape aides the rider in
getting up onto the foil not only with increased forward board speed, but by also
providing a constant tractor like pull. The forward pull designed into the wing
allows the rider to push the board forward in the water with their legs against the
pull of the wing, increasing waterflow over the foil and proving lift. The constant
forward traction allows you to keep the board chugging forward to pick up even
small wind-swell for an added boost of speed and lift.

Designed to Fly with You
No matter your level, the rider wants a wing that has a slight lift during 1-handed
flight while luffing or transferring. Nobody likes a wing that wants to dive towards
the water while mid-tack or while luffing down a swell. The Leading-Edge Handle
and new Transfer Handle have been placed to compliment the wings slight
upward pull so that the wing is always floating perfectly within reach. Much of
the joy of winging on a foil-board comes from ditching the power of the wing
and holding the LE Handle with one hand, effortlessly cruising from swell to swell
playing with the energy in the water. Since the rider will spend as much time
possible luffing with one hand on the LE Handle you want the softest material
you can get under the LE Handle to keep from grinding down the skin on your
knuckles each session. The same comfort factor goes for all the other handles
where Slingshot has made sure to keep handle areas free of any rough seems.

Ergonomically Designed with the Rider in Mind
During each session the rider will make countless transfers between luffing the
wing with one hand, to powering it back up with two hands. It can be cumbersome
to switch from a vertical leading-edge handle to horizontally placed strut
handle. Slingshot’s new Transfer Handle makes use of simple ergonomic orientation
for smooth transfers between luffing and powered riding. While riding
in strong wind conditions, jumping, or vigorously pumping the wing to get up
on foil you want a wing that will not deform and spill the wind. The Slingshot
Y-Handle not only provides increased upwind angles and more powered jumping,
it also functions to keep the wingtips pulled in and the wing full of power
under intense wind pressure. Beginner wingers and smaller folks have been
consistently frustrated by long wingspans that allow the wing-tips to catch in
the water and cause the rider to lose control of the wing. The Slingwing V2 has
a reduced wingspan that stays consistent across all five sizes and keeps the
wingtips out of the water. More advanced riders looking to progress to hooking
into the wing with a harness will enjoy the built in Pigtail harness line attachment points.

Legendary Slingshot Construction and Durability
Riders of all levels are looking for a wing that will last, especially while tumbling
around with a hydrofoil connected to your board. That is where the extra tough
4x4 canopy material is matched with double leading-edge bladder seams. This
new construction allows for higher PSI inflation, providing more rigidity in the
main bladder and added tension across the wing. Remember, when not in use,
deflate and store in the included bag. Do not leave the wing inflated on rough
surfaces or wear can occur.

Wing Size

3.2, 4.0, 4.4, 5.4, 6.4


Green, Orange


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