Slingshot NF2 Hover Glide Mast Head Top Plate Pedistal


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Slingshot Hover Glide Pedestal- track system mounting
This pedestal allows the Hover Glide windfoils to mount to board mounting track systems. The 4 hole pattern allows you to mount this plate to any adjustable mounting track system. Ideal for some after market applications like the Powerplate Windsurf Foil Plate. Each Hover Glide pedestal is made from solid aluminum, and then precision cut using CNC machines. Each base is then anodized black to harden and protect the surface. 

– Solid Aluminum
– 4 hole pattern mount
– Tight tolerance for precise mast connection fit
– Ideal for aftermarket conversions for Windsurfing boards.

Solid X aluminum precision cut using CNC machines then anodized black to harden and protect the surface.