Slingshot Hover Glide 30″ Mast Solo Stage


Foilboarding can be frustrating and intimidating to learn. Slingshot’s 30″ is the last step, where you put it all together, before graduating to the standard 35.4″ mast.

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The 30″ mast is the “Solo” phase of Foiling Flight School and is the final step of becoming a proficient foiler. After progressing from the 15 and 24 inch masts, you’ll have the skills needed to make longer and longer rides fully out of the water and will be working on up and down wind angles, speed and kite control and your first touchdown transitions. 

The 30 inch mast is also a good option for kiters who frequent shallow water and need a shorter foil for long-term use. The mast is easily mounted to the Hover Glide’s stock pedestal and foil assembly for quick on-the-fly change-out