Prone Foil Surf Accessory Package (Pads and Leash)

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The Perfect Prone Surf or Hydrofoil Traction and Leash Combo Package

Dakine Superlite 6' Floating Surf Leash for Foiling

Floatation Technology  keeps from tangling around your Foil or reef

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Octopus John Doe Corduroy Traction Pad

$38.00 $36.10

In stock

Octopus Front Deck Corduroy Pad for hydrofoil or surfboard- Black


12.8" x 14.5"
Four piece pad
3mm Flat Corduroy Grip™

$40.00 $34.00

This Package includes:

1x Octopus Front Pad (Best front pad around for foiling)

1x Octopus Tail Kickpad

1x Dakine Floating Foil Leash



A California based company specializing in surf traction pads, corduroy grip, and accessories.