Lift3 F Efoil

Lift3 F Efoil


****There will be a 3% of total purchase fee on any refunds issued****

The ultra easy-to-ride LIFT3 F eFoil has been updated so you can fly longer, and smoother, with a durable, high-quality eFoil at a new low price.

****There will be a 3% of total purchase fee on any refunds issued****


Fun, easy to ride, and accessible. With the LIFT3 F, Lift took a new approach to our industry leading eFoils–working with fiberglass boards to offer stability over performance, at a new low price.


Lift's eFoil technology combines a state-of-the-art battery, a custom shaped, ultra-durable aerodynamic board, our next-generation propulsion system, carbon fiber hydrofoil components, and a Bluetooth hand controller for the ultimate watersports experience.


The LIFT3 F features our brushless motors, designed and manufactured by the absolute best engineers in the industry, allowing for speed and ride stability.


The New LIFT3 F features theLift FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) propeller--experience increased efficiency, reduced drag, and dampened vibration with our new tapered propeller hub design.


Our ergonomic wireless Bluetooth hand controller easily shows battery life, and allows riders to swap intuitively between speed and performance settings.


The LIFT3 F features a proprietary fiberglass blend – tiny strands of fiberglass melted down into an ultra-sturdy material, crafted by Lift’s engineers into the perfect aerodynamic shape for hydrofoiling. This new form factor offers a stable ride that newer riders and families will greatly appreciate. The new LIFT3 F features our signature 28” precision milled aluminum mast, and the efficient carbon fiber front wings and back wings.


The Light Battery significantly reduces weight and cost, while still offering a great riding experience, and the LIFT3 F ships with the new fast charger.

The “Light Battery” is a custom lithium-ion battery built for rugged marine environments that offers 60 minutes of ride time and weighs 7 pounds less than the “Full Range Battery”, making it easier to transport your eFoil.

The Full Range Battery offers 100 minutes ride time, and you can easily explore around with no stress. Batteries are interchangeable and compatible with all generations of the Lift eFoil.

When you choose a Lift eFoil, you’re not just getting the ultimate watersports experience for you and your family, you’re entering into our community of 300+ locations that offer lessons, demos and meetups, worldwide, and a super active and supportive online community of users who share experiences, ride together, and grow together.


Introducing the New LIFT3 F

The ultra easy - to - ride LIFT3 F eFoil has been updated so you can fly longer, and smoother, with a durable, high - quality eFoil at a new low price.

What's new?


The new LIFT3F adds two all - new standout colors -- Iceberg Blue & Sunset Peach.


The New LIFT3 F is the first Lift eFoil with our new Lift FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) propeller. The FRP propeller lets riders experience increased efficiency, reduced drag, and dampened vibration with ou r new tapered propeller hub design. Fly longer, and smoother.


The New LIFT3F also features our precision - machined aluminum mast - a very durable option for our newer riders to experience a stable ride -- less elastic and responsive than the LIFT3 flagship carbon fiber masts.


Best of all, you can now ride on the industry - leading Lift Foils quality at a new low price of $8,995 when configured with the Light Battery. The gorgeous Lift Foils eFoil design, a truly easy - to - ride, smooth experience, and a durable, best - in - class eFoil for anyone looking to experience the sensation of flight over water.


New LIFT3 F 4’9 eFoil

Smooth and easy to ride, this is our go - to eFoil recommendation for anyone new to eFoiling. The 4’9 New LIFT3 F is ultra - stable, while still small enough you can improve your skills over time and grow into the full potential of the board. The perfect eFoil for getting started, growing your skills and sharing with all your friends and family. Now with two all - new standout colors — Iceberg Blue and Sunset Peach!

The New LIFT3 F mast is made of machined aluminum, which is more durable and stable for our newer riders, versus our elastic and responsive carbon fiber mast on the LIFT3 .

The New LIFT3 F also features the Lift FRP propeller and shroud so you can fly longer and smoother with our new tapered hub design.

For the most easily transportable setup for the New LIFT3 F, pick the 4’9 with the Light Battery.

Wing Combos

Pick the 200 Surf V2 for a faster, more lively ride – The 250 Surf V2 will allow for extra stability and low speed riding for larger riders, and make it easier for new foilers to ride the board

New LIFT3 F 5’4 eFoil

The 5’4 New LIFT3 F is the perfect size for casual eFoiling, with incredible stability to get anyone up and riding easily. If you’re new to watersports and want our easiest, most affordable option to ride the New LIFT3 F 5’4 is for you. Now with two all - new standout colors — Iceberg Blue and Sunset Peach!


4'9 Sport, 5'4 Cruiser


Vermilion Red, Sea Foam Green, Sunset Peach, Iceberg Blue


Lift (MHL)

Lift used to be called MHL. They are the leaders in carbon hydrofoil market. Pioneering the E-foil and created top of the line foils for surfing, kiting, paddleboarding and more.