Hydrofoil Wing Rack Display Angled

Hydrofoil Wing Rack Display Angled


Stand Dimensions: 19″ Height 8″ Width 12″ deep (extends 12″ from wall)

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Angled Wing Rack / Display

A Wing Rack / Display that is designed to fit any hydrofoil wing or stabilizer. You will need no tools needed to assemble. It is assembled using compression fittings that fit snugly together and will not come apart unless you take them apart. Works great with all Hydrofoil wing brands.

The Rack is Made in Texas, USA. Manufactured using a precision CNC from a Waterproof high density-material, the rack is very Strong and mounts Securely. The waterproof high-density material will not deteriorate over time due to placing a wet hydrofoil wings or stabilizers on it, so this will last a lifetime.

The Angled Wing Rack is the perfect rack/display for shops.

Easily and securely mount, you can mount the Wing Rack / Display on in your Garage, Shop, or even in your Adventure Van.