Flowtail Delta

Flowtail Delta


The phantom of the skies!

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 44 × 4 in

This flowtail kite is known for being extremly noticeable and attracting a lot of attention on the beach or wherever you want to fly it. The bright solid colors flap vigorously in the sky and give the flyer a good single line tug. Anchor it off for a beach day or fly it with your kids!

Tech Specs:

Width:  200cm/79″

Height:  600cm/236″

Sail:  Ripstop-Nylon

Frame:  Fiberglass 5mm/.197″

Line:  Polyester 45kp/ 100lb., 60m / 200ft. on spool incl.

WInd: 2-5(6-38km/h / 4-24mph)