2018 Nobile Zen Foil Allround Skim Checkmate Package

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Foil, freeride


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2018 Nobile Zen Foil Allround Skim Checkmate

The Nobile Skim (Checkmate) Foil is easy to maneuver, lightweight, and stiff. It’s an ideal entry level board for foiling. The top of the board is covered with EVA foam for comfort and traction. The thin core allows for responsive steering and the channels on the base of the board improve stability during wave riding.

SIZE (cm): 146 x 46,5

What’s new:
• CAP construction
• New size: 146×46,5

Key features
  • easy to ride and maneuverable
  • properties typical for carbon products
  • high safety level
  • solid and stiff construction
  • steering precision
  • fully anti-corrosion seal makes the construction immune to unfavourable conditions, such as salt water.
Main features

• Foil board with freeride capabilities
• Easy hydrofoil
• Durable construction
• Skatey feeling
• Good for light-wind conditions
• CAP Construction

Flex (1-10): 9
Rocker line: Directional
Bottom construction: Flat