2018 Slingshot Converter Surfboard and Foil Board

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Kitesurf, Surf or Foil all with one board!

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What we think: This board does a lot! We really think it is the way to go if you are looking for a new surfboard and are interested in foiling. We also think it's the way to go if you are buying a foil board and are also interested in a board you can kitesurf on. Great for traveling to minimalize luggage. Overall one of our top picks for 2018 foil/surf market. Its the same board as the Angry Swallow for 2018 but reinforced to hold the foil track. We thought it would be super heavy but it isn't much more heavy than the board without the foil track.

2018 Slingshot Converter 5'4" includes FCS2 Fins and strap hardware. Add straps to catch air! Two Straps add-on option is for the 2012 non-adjustable surf straps. Three Strap option is the 2018 Adjustable Surf Straps. Note that the board only has inserts for two straps!

• Surf and foil with the same board 
• The perfect choice for traveling 
• Brings familiar surfboard feel to foiling 
• Versatility without compromising performance 
• Based on Angry Swallow’s all-around surfboard performance 

Converter: Built around our popular Angry Swallow surfboard, the Converter is a one-board-for-all platform that features an inlaid track mount for foiling and a click-in three-fin FCSII setup for surfing. This allows riders to choose or switch easily between foiling and surfing with the same board. For surfing, the Converter is a proven shape that riders love for its all-around versatility. For foiling, riders appreciate the familiar feel they get from a surfboard shape instead of a dedicated foil board. Whether you’re a traveler who doesn’t have room for two boards or you want to save a little money by buying one board instead of two, the Converter strikes the perfect balance between convenience and versatility, without compromising performance.